Terms and conditions of use


The XYZ Da Vinci resetters are printed in-house and while we take the outmost care to scrap defective enclosure, your unit may come with minor blemishes due to the limited 3D Filament printing technology at its current state. Rest assured that such imperfections do not impact on the unit performance in any way.

All units are ship with no DOA (dead on arrival) certification and warranty - if you receive a resetter and it does not work - email or contact us through this form and we will replace at our expense.

Products Disclaimer

Our advanced resetters such as the XYZPRO, XYZAP! V3 and XYZEROCART allows you set many parameters on your printer. Some parameters may not work with your firmware, while other may push your printer it to its limits and/or cause permanent damage. The freedom of being able to set any key parameter such as temperatures for the bed and extruder must be used wisely to avoid damaging your printer. Do not exceed the maximum temperatures or filament lengths or temperatures that my not be supported by your device and/or firmware. If you are going to use higher temperature (above 210*C for the extruder, or 90*C for the heated bed), you should do so for short period of time only. We are not responsible for any damage resulting from using any of the resetters with your printer. By purchasing any resetter sold on this website, you're assuming full responsibility.

Warranty, Returns & Refunds

All resetters have a 30 day defective unit replacement warranty. If you suspect your unit is faulty, contact us and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label. If you chose to return your product for a refund, you can do so within the initial 30 days however there will be a 15% restocking fee. Shipping costs are not refundable.

Resetter Firmware Compatibility

Regardless of what version your printer firmware is, you need to block the xyz.exe application (XYZWare) from accessing the internet. This is because since version 1.1.31 (including) xyzprinting monitors each print job and can disable the cartridge remotely if they determine that you’re using your own filaments and have resetted the cartridge. We find this “sneaky” way to monitor your print job without telling you, unethical, nevertheless this is how the XYZWare app works.

If you wish not to have XYZWare monitoring your print jobs and continue to force an upgrade (or remotely lock your cartridges), you must block xyz.exe with your firewall from accessing the Internet. Once blocked, you will be free to use your printer in your own privacy and your own filaments without being afraid that your printer may get resetted remotely.

To block the xyz.exe application, simply follow one of these guides (it’s really easy).

Windows 7 firewall block procedure: http://www.trishtech.com/2010/05/block-a-program-in-windows-7-firewall/

Windows 8 firewall block procedure: http://www.wikihow.com/Block-a-Program-With-Windows-Firewall

Mac (OSX) – use littlesnitch to block the app from accessing the internet.

DAVINCI 1.0 (Series 1)                                        Firmware 1.1.G, 1.1.I, 1.1.J                No need to downgrade

DAVINCI 1.0 (Series 1)                                        Firmware 1.2.3, 1.2.4                          Must downgrade to 1.1.J(*)

DAVINCI 1.0 (Series 2 – AiO board)                      Firmware 1.0.1, 1.0.3                          No need to downgrade

DAVINCI 1.0 AiO                                                 Firmware 1.1.0, 1.1.1                          No need to downgrade

DAVINCI 2.0 (Series 1)                                        Firmware 2.0.J                                    No need to downgrade


Please check the various online forums for additional information.

A note about XYZWare

We have had reports that XYZWare will not run with the internet blocked, but it’s unconfirmed. If this happens to you, just upgrade to the XYZWare (or use the previous version of 1.1.31) – all XYZWare version as well as various Firmware versions are available on the wctek.com/shop website in the REPOSITORY tab. Please feel free to download and experiment with versions to suit your needs.

Other Items

We are resellers for many other items and they will be added to our store as needed. We keep low stock, however we have a 1-3 day ready-on-demand supplier base, so the worse scenario you may expect a small delay.

We truly hope that you will enjoy the freedom to use your exotic filaments!