The resetters sold on this website have been tested with the Da Vinci V1.0 3D Printer up to firmware version 1.1.J (or the newer models with version 1.0.1 and  1.0.3) as well as the Da Vinci DUO V2.0 up to firmware version 2.0.J and Da Vinci AiO  with firmware version 1.1.1 and 1.1.3 with XYZWare 1.31. They will also work with XYZWare 1.33+ as long as you block the XYZ.EXE or XYZWare app with your firewall. You should be careful when upgrading to other firmware or XYZWare versions as upgrading may render your resetter (and/or cartridge) unusable. Please check on the many online forums before upgrading. 

NOTE: We've received reports that on the AiO with Fimrware 1.1.4 the temperature settings and possible other settings are no longer working, so if you have upgraded, you will not be able to use the resetters. Check the forums for a possible downgrade path.


We have installed an FAQ module in order to assist our customers even better - you can view the answers of most common questions and ask a new one if you do not see an answer for yours. The FAQ is located at the end of the product description (after the reviews).

With the popularity and low cost of PLA, people are starting to experiment with different brands and setting. We asked a few of our users what settings worked best for them and we'll post the replies here as they become available. Here is the first one.

Resetter: XYZPRO (PLA flag set)

PLA(1,75mm 3D Factories ) on XYZ Davinci AiO 1.0 : Extruder 200 °C, Bed 60 °C, Print Speed : Slow, Layer 0,1 - 0,3. When I set extruder more than 215 °C It started to jam  filament feeder.  - Milan


  • COMPATIBILITY UPDATE: One of our more experienced users, informed us that he was able to use XYZWare 1.33.2 with our resetters without problems by simply blocking XYZ.EXE with the windows firewall to stop the program connecting to the internet. He also reported that there were 20%-30% print quality improvement with this release. Give it a try, but make sure you block XYZ.EXE or you will get a cartridge error. Thank you Dave for letting us know!
  • MERRY XMAS from all of us at WCTEK - we love our customers and thank you for loyalty which allows us to keep developing more innovative products for the community. We truly wish you the very best in the new year and a trouble free 3D printing experience!


  • Today (17th) Phil kindly released his DA VINCI 1.0 printer firmware downgrading tool to downgrade version 1.2.3 to version J ot G (your choice). While XYZ was quick to block that feature and lock us into 1.2.3 (without disclosing what ALL the changes are), it's great to know that we now have the option to go back to what we know works. 
  • After the fiasco of the Firmware ver 1.2 (Da Vinci 1.0) in USA, it seems XYZ rolled out the same upgrade in Italy today (9/8/14). We're now receiving feedback from our friends in Italy and they found that once they upgraded their firmware on the Da Vinci 1.0 to version 1.2.3 they can not print using ORIGINAL 240m cartridges (from the store) anymore. This proves once again that upgrading is not worth it right now, as it seems XYZ Corp's techs have not fully tested the new firmware before release. The moral of this story is Do not upgrade past 1.1.J (or 2.0.J on the Duo) until the community has confirmed it is (or not) a safe upgrade. Our friends are now calling XYZCorp to get a solution or money back. Frankly, this is what anyone would do. Good luck to them.
  • NOTE: The new firmware 1.2.x BLOCKS the software downgrade capabilities, so if you do upgrade your only option is to use our hardware downgrade guide (see DOWNLOAD section). The hardware downgrade was tested here and it works fine, but you do need to open-up the back cover of your printer - so if youre' not technical, get some help from friends that are. 


  • Be careful when using your cartridges and/or resetting them as the filament is tied inside the cartridge at the end, so keep an eye on how much filament you use (if you are using the cartridge's filament). Thanks Jamie for the info.
  • XYZware released firmware version 1.20 for the Da Vinci v1.0 3D Printer about a week ago. The release was done overnight and unfortunately some of our customers had accepted the upgrade. The firmware interacts with XYZware servers and allows for remote printer disabling. This is the first time that such an action is taken by any company (to our knowledge). The firmware was retracted shortly after they received complains from numerous printer owners. Please be wary of future firmware releases as upgrading may render your resetter and/or cartridge unusable. Check the forums before upgrading!
  • The resetters sold on this website have been tested with the Da Vinci V1.0 3D Printer and up to firmware version 1.1.J.


  • 2nd: Just a heads-up ... It looks like XYZ Corp. blocked the popup window that allows you to downgrade to version G in their XYZware- which was released late last month. If you need to downgrade either use release or the original CD that came with your printer. Thanks John for letting us know.

JULY 2014

  • 27th: In the weeks ahead, we're going to start stocking third party filaments for the Da Vinci. Only filaments that have been tested here will be available for sale, which will provide you with a good, trouble-free product. We will post bed preparation and temperatures used.
  • 27th: XYZware Ver. has been released. Some interface improvements, no visible crippleware added. Tested with XYZPRO/PLA filament @ Excellent quality and 1.0 layer height, 200* Extruder & 60* Bed - worked just fine, no clicking noises :) ...
  • 16th: XYZPRO USB master resetter and EEprom Importer/Exporter released. If you run firmware G, you can now reset to 999m (there are no major print-quality improvement since ver. G. and  ver. J locks large cartridge length).
  • 15th: Welcome to our new shop. It's curently VERY slow, but I am sure our hosting provider will fix that super-fast!
  • 15th: We're currently working on a few new tools to help you debug your XYZ Cartridge content and hack it to its fullest - without going into details, I can tell you that one of them links the cartridge via USB to your Windows/OSX/Linux computer and gives you the freedom to edit the cartridge EEprom's content. It's a few weeks away still but it's looking good so far!

JUNE 2014

  • We've released a new shell today called XYZ999. It is a full enclosure with push-button power to make your life a little easier (no need to mess around with the battery anymore). Some pictures including the new button (connected between the arduino negative and the battery) (Mouser P/N 611-PTS645SL702 are below. You can download it as always from thinkiverse.

MAY 2014

  • XYZKIT, XYZ999 & XYZAP! ... How it all started ...
  • One of my XYZ 3D printer cartridges died some time ago :( (so sad) -- the printer was showing 0m left yet there definately was more filament left in the cartridge (I could see it!). Without support avaiable, I decide to make a simple cartridge counter resetter that snaps at the bottom and resets the internal eeprom counter. The resetter uses an Arduino Pro Mini PCB, spring-action push pins and a 3v button cell. The code on the Arduino allows you to set the filament length to either 131m or higher (depending on which firmware you're running). I was back in business!
  • If you want to make your own, you will need the 3D printed shell, an Arduino Pro Mini (either this one or any other compatible depending on how long you want to wait to get it, 3 spring-pins the actual code (you can use the original code on github written by voltivo) and the wiring instructions (look in the v1 KIT product description).
  • To wire it, just look at the cartridge the corner that is slanted 45 degrees, is the positive, the one next to it is the data-pin and the last one is ground. Just connect the positive to vcc on the arduino, ground to ... gnd and the data-pin (the middle one) to data-port 7 on the arduino.
  • Power-up the pro mini by either the 3v battery or any power source (3v-5v) and let it do it's thing. the led on the arduino will light-up and keep flashing until a connection is made with the cartridge. Once connected, the arduino will send the counter-reset code and turn the led off. Disconnect the board from the cartridge and you're done! It should now read 131m left (or higher). 


  • Unfortunately the new firmware which XYZ Corp rolled out in mid April (Version "I") broke a few things. While it fixed some software issues (according to XYZ Corp), it introduces some unwanted bugs, like poor printing, cartridge locking etc ... Do not dispair, there is a way to fix this! Simply follow the procedure below, kindly provided by Chris (from the voltivo blog):

1) Disable your computer's network connection (turn off the Wi-Fi card or yank ethernet, etc) then open XYZWare. 
2) Click 'About' and then under the firmware area click 'Check for Updates'. XYZWare will complain about not being able
   to contact the server and to try later but the software will still immediately open a file window. 
3) Select the 'G' firmware .bin file and click 'Open' and the firmware "Upgrade" will begin.

  • If you can not find the version G firmware in the default directory, you can use this one-> 3DP01_20140310_FW_V1.1.G_RELEASE.bin (thank you Charles!). Just right-click on the link and save-as somewhere and then load it to flash the printer with it.