The XYZHUB appliance allows you to share your DAVINCI 3D printer across your entire network (and Internet if you so wish). *** NOW WITH SUPPORT FOR VIDEO STREAMING ***

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We all like to tinker and create 3D objects, but, if you're like many of us here, your desk and/or home office is pretty crowded by no with the 3D printer a few feet from your computer due to the USB connection. The XYZHUB allows you cut that cord (not literally) and turn your DAVINCI printer into a wireless 3D printer. You can relocate it just about anywhere there is a WIFI signal, or, even across the world with an internet connection!

The XYZHUB has been assembled with the very best components coupled with a reliable WIFI adapter and a fine-tuned tylored operating system giving you years of trouble free, reliable connectivity. The basic package comes with a free un-expiring personal licence to share 1 device. This should cover 99% of all applications since the goal of this product is to give you wireless connectivity for your 3D printer. An unlimited device licence is also available from the developer's website at a very low cost (information on how to do this is included within the XYZHUB documentation).

Jan 2015: Added Video Streaming Support (use the illuminated USB camera sold in our store and get 720P video images of your (now) remote printer! Note other usb cameras may also work)

The XYZHUB has the following features:

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port
  • 802.11n, 802.11g & 802.11b WIFI connectivity
  • 4 USB ports (3 available)
  • Low power 5v operation
  • 512 MB Ram with realtime I/O caching
  • Easy setup and upgradeable
  • Dual configuration (GUI and advanced file editing)

Package includes:

  • 1 x XYZHUB
  • 1 x WIFI adapter
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 1 x mini-USB 110v/220v Power Supply
  • Easy to follow documentation

PLEASE NOTE: When shipping internationally, the power supply will not be included. You will however receive the USB cable that connects the XYZHUB to any standard USB 1A wall adapter in your country. 

NEW: Watch your printer remotely from anywhere using the new free web service! web service



USB Camera not working

I have tried to get the usb camera to work, with no luck. When I connect it to the XYZHUB I keep getting a message that I need to purchase a 2nd license for IP Camera. Even if I only have the camera connected to the HUB it still dose not work.Some help would be good.


Doesn't work with other USB cameras

No instructions for USB camera config. Readme doesn't include details about usb camera.


works as stated

This thing is almost perfect. Everything works as it should. There is one problem I am having. I already have a ip cam on my network viewable over the internet. It shares the same port 8080 as the xyzhub, and when shared on their website it crashes my dhcp server on my router. I'm not sure why this is. Also I've never seen my live feed on the website. I may be doing something wrong. But everything else works just fine.


works great

Setup was painless and easy to do. The video streaming works amazingly well and not having to be tethered to the printer is brilliant. Highly recommended for anyone with an xyz printer.


Great product

Overall a great product! just had some issues getting it to use WIFI (did not like my WPA2-PSK) and connecting to http://xyzhub (had to get the IP and connect via IP). But think that may be due to my browser settings or network. Kept getting "No site configured at this address"


Video camera option !

Awesome addition. Hate being tormented while at work wondering if that 12 hr + print worked ok ? Now you can watch it fail in realtime with a "cartridge error" while using that brand new cart AND enjoy this feeling al the way home while being stuck in traffic !

Now, seriously, worked great for me without any issues at the install. Update FW, plug in camera, reboot, connect and the excellent quality video popped up.


Outstanding product !

I have purchased two of these to use with my Davinci 1.0 and Duo. They work perfectly with wired and wireless connections. I am very pleased, especially since they can also be used to share other devices in the same time (hard drives). Setup was a snap and I moved my printers in a different location so they noise is less :)

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The XYZHUB appliance allows you to share your DAVINCI 3D printer across your entire network (and Internet if you so wish). *** NOW WITH SUPPORT FOR VIDEO STREAMING ***

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I share more than one printer?
    The XYZHUB comes with a never expiring license for one printer, but you can extend the license for about $30 to unlimited printers/devices (information on how to do this is provided in the supplied documentation).
  • Will this work on the Prtiner Version 1.0A with 1.0.3 firmware?
    Yes. It works with any firmware (it's firmware independent)
    Not currently, but support for dual camera is planned on the next software distribution release.
  • how does the camera stay on the area where the lifting handle on the Da vinci printer. From what it looks like on the picture it looks like it is clamped on. Does it say there or do you need to affix some other means on the handle opening.
    Since it's so light-weight, you can just use a piece of large packing tape on the side of the printer (inside) and passed the cable through the side-handle.
  • how can i see what my xyzhub IP is?
    top-right of the control panel web page, also you use any of the free local area network scanner program to see the device on your network.
  • Can the XYZHub be accessed via SSH to modify the VirtualHere config file. I need to adjust the Port so I can access from outside my firewall.
    No SSH is not available, however you can edit the control configuration file from the /apps directory shared on the network once the XYZHUB is up. Once you make changes, power-cycle the XYZHUB to read the new configuration

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