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Add this Video Camera to the XYZHUB and keep an eye on your printer remotely using your web browser.

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The XYZHUBCAM is another little addition to make your everyday remote printing that much easier. Simply connect the 720p resolution camera to the XYZHUB and you're good to go. The XYZHUB release 1.3 already has support for this device so no additional mods are needed.

The camera will stream your vide in 720p and has it's own light source with inline brigthess control (so there is no need to keep the printer's lights on).

You can view your printer using any web browser by clickin on the new View Video button.

Nice and easy!

Here are the specs:

  • Full high-definition 720p resolution, 1280 x 720 pixels, Up to 5.0 Mega pixels resolution
  • Lens: High Quality 5 layers glass lens, 6 LEDs on both sides of the Lenses.
  • No additional drivers needed
  • Manual lens focus:F6.0mm. Focus ranger: from 20mm to limitless far, White balance: Automatic/manual, Expose control: Automatic/Manual

Actual 720p view from camera



Could get this to work with xyzhub web video

This wouldn't work for me via the video button on the web front end. However, I did manage to see video by connecting it to a computer first then unplugging and plugging into the xyzhub, then using the hub forwarding to connect it to a pc (via client for virtual here) and used the pc camera app to view the video. Not quite what I was expecting, but video I suppose.

Desperately needs some manual or other description added for the camera. It's just placed in the box as is with a driver cd (not needed), and generic description of how to connect to a pc.

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XYZHUB Video Camera

XYZHUB Video Camera

Add this Video Camera to the XYZHUB and keep an eye on your printer remotely using your web browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does this camera connect to the XYZHub? USB or the HDMI port on the XYZHub? What is the HDMI port for?
    It connects to any of the spare USB ports. the HDMI port is currently not being used.

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